SH Chapter 39

Happy Friday! Here's the next chapter. Just a heads up, the next chapter is quite long, about two times as long as a normal chapter, maybe longer, so I decided to split it into two parts, so you will get the first part next week and the second part the week after next. Anyways, I … Continue reading SH Chapter 39


AS Chapter 37~Dragon 2~

Happy Wednesday! There are three parts to this, here's the second. I hope you enjoy. Stabbing at the dragon's throat with 'Yatonokami', I had a bit of an uncomfortable feeling. 「!!! Akira! Get away from there!!!」 『Guruaaaaaaa!!!』 「...tsk!」 Amelia's warning was too late, I received a direct hit from the dragon at point-blank range. And … Continue reading AS Chapter 37~Dragon 2~