AS Chapter 54~Companions~

Happy Monday! Here is the new chapter, enjoy. 「Amelia-sama, how about some water?」 「Amelia-sama, how are you feeling….」 「Amelia-sama, ….」 「Amelia-sama….」 「Amelia-sama….」 「Daaaaaaaa! So annoying! Disappear!!!」 I waved those guys who were swarming around Amelia away. And, I looked up at the sky, how did this happen.   ──   「Leaving todayy!?」 「That’s...still unexpected.」 The … Continue reading AS Chapter 54~Companions~


SH Extra 3: Alwick Marquis House

Happy Friday! With this last chapter, we've finished this novel. Thank you very much for reading until here! There were a few hiccups along the way, but thank you all for reading this novel together with me until the end. Please enjoy this last chapter. She was a cheerful person. She was always smiling. Even … Continue reading SH Extra 3: Alwick Marquis House