KT Chapter 93

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The Big Snake and the King Snake were nowhere to be found, and after asking Ojii-san about what we should do, he told us to hunt other monsters.

The place that Ojii-san brought us to was a marshy area. No, based on the location, would it be better to call it a swamp?

「What kind of monsters are there?」

「There are frogs here. They’re not very strong, but we can get meat.」

Frogs, huh…. Certainly, I’ve heard that frogs tasted like chicken.

Snake meat had a light flavor as well and tasted like chicken, so perhaps frog meat could replace snake meat?

We approached the marshy area, and looked around, but there was nothing resembling a frog anywhere to be found.

When I tried searching the surroundings using Detection, I got several responses.

When I tried throwing a stone created from earth magic at the place where the responses were clustered together, around ten frogs lept out and ran away.

「Ooh!? I could sense them but couldn’t see them, so I was wondering what was going on, but they were hiding in the mud, huh!」

「They don’t seem strong, but there’s a lot of them and it seems troublesome.」

「Lots of frogs!!」

「For now, we will use long-ranged attacks, and for the ones that come near, Cruz-kun and the familiars will take them down, is that ok?」

「Yeah, for now, let’s go with that!」

Saying that, I shot out all kinds of magic, my younger sister threw out stones and stone knives, and Ilya-chan shot out her arrows.

At first, the frogs evaded them, but gradually, we started to grasp the timing, and then as if they were honing in on them, our attacks started to land on the frogs.

Our attacks continued and when a certain number of them had been taken down, the frogs stopped dodging, and then came towards us.

「Alright, it’s finally my turn!!」

Cruz-kun readied his sword and shield and laid in wait for the frogs.

The long-ranged attack group turned to attack the frogs that were heading towards us.

The numbers had more or less decreased, but many of them had come over.

Without panicking, Cruz-kun defended against their charge with his shield, and knocked them away with his sword. Because their levels were not high either, we were able to defeat them easily.

The familiars didn’t take much time to take the frogs down either.

However, after a lot of the frogs had been defeated, they spat out some kind of liquid, so the familiars were dodging that. 

I used Appraisal on that liquid and shouted.

「Cruz-kun! They spit out poison! Be careful!」

「What!? Got it, I’ll be careful!」

I used Appraisal on the frogs.

『Big Frog』

Nn? I tried using Appraisal, but to say nothing of the poison, it didn’t seem as if it was even a monster.

However, I tried using Appraisal on the liquid that was spat out twice, but as expected, it showed that it was『Poison』.

After that, when I used Appraisal on the frogs that spat out poison, the mystery was solved.

『Poison Frog』

It seems that it was a Big Frog that had poison.

They looked similar, to the point that you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

It seems that these ones were monsters. They had poison, but it seems that their meat was edible.

However, when dismantling them, it might be best to check them.

「Everyone, among the frogs, there seems to be Big Frogs that have poison called『Poison Frog』, so be careful!」

Everyone gave their responses, but because they could not tell them apart, they were perplexed. 

Before long, everyone started to move under the assumption that they were all Poison Frogs.

After defeating the nearby frogs, we began to collect them.

Using my Appraisal and following the familiars’ intuition, we started sorting out the frogs. It seems that the other three people were unable to tell them apart, so I asked them to take care of the dismantling of the Poison Frogs.

There were children around, so I didn’t want to dismantle the Poison Frogs at the orphanage.

Everyone dismantled the Poison Frogs that we finished collecting, and after putting the legs of the frogs into my Item Box, there were many poisoned frog legs remaining.

It seems that the poison sacks were damaged and they were poisoned.

Setting aside several of them, we disposed of the remaining ones here.

It seems that in addition to the meat of the Poison Frogs, the poison sacks could also be sold as materials.

We carried a large amount of frog leg meat and Big Frogs back.

Incidentally, it seems that Ojii-san was searching around for snakes.

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