AS Chapter 172~Rescue 2~

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「…you, are?」

Due to the torch having been lit, the two people’s field of vision that had been too dark to see anything up until now brightened up.

Within the towering cage in front of us, were several women who were huddling together to keep warm.

It wasn’t just beastmen, there were elves and humans as well.

I realized this now, but it seems that this place was colder than the surface.

Among them, there were people who were shivering with their lips having turned purple.

If they don’t leave as soon as possible and warm up, then it’ll be dangerous. 

「…let’s talk later. We”re leaving this place.」

I offhandedly brandished “Yatonokami” and cut away the cage.

However, even when they regained their freedom, the women didn’t move.

They all turned to look at a single woman.

「I’d like to make sure of something first. Are you our ally?」

The human woman whose appearance stood out even when among the elven beauties, asked this.

She was currently using polite speech, but she, Amaryllis Cluster, had just been shouting, her voice full of hostility.

There were several elves and beastmen, but it seems they all acknowledged her as their leader. 

Even if that weren’t the case, it seems that they trusted her enough to bet their futures on her.

「That’s right. Right now, you could say that I’m on your side. …I am here, under the instructions of the elven princess Amelia, and the princess of Uruk, Ria. If you don’t believe in these two people, then stay here.」

I arbitrarily borrowed Amelia and Ria’s names, but it should be fine.

Ria was no longer a princess, but I don’t think that these people know that.

Leaving this place took precedence.

Apologizing for deceiving them could also be done aboveground.

Not only was this place cold, the ventilation was bad.

Just as I thought, the complexions of the elves and beastmen visibly became better.

Seeing that, Amaryllis gave a nod.

「I was rude just now, I apologize. Please help us.」

Seeing her prostrating so beautifully, it reminded me of a certain person I met in the elven territory. 

I see, that dialect just now as well, Amaryllis was someone from the country of Yamato, huh.

「I’ll receive your thanks after everyone’s safe and sound. Lend a hand to those who can’t stand up. Yoru and I will carry those who can’t move.」

Your nodded, came down from my shoulder, and grew bigger.

Someone among the beastmen gave a small shriek, but her life depended on it, so she could only put up with it. 

On the other side of the iron bars, the only ones who could stand up and walk were the elves.

The beastmen and two other humans besides Amaryllis sank deep into Yoru’s furry body. 

Even the beastman who initially screamed was nodding off due to Yoru’s warm fur, and I unconsciously gave a wry smile. 

「…you’re the last one, Amaryllis Cluster.」

It was just Amaryllis who helped the others climb up onto Yoru, but she shook her head and returned to the place where she was sitting before.

「No. I will remain here. I should not live on the surface.」

Good grief, I gave a sigh when I saw the strong determination in her eyes.

Something about her eyes reminded me of Amelia.

It seems that she was truly staying here, and intended on ending her life.

「I prioritized my own life and created an outrageous thing. I need to atone for that. …you coming to save us was for the sakes of those people, right? Please forget about me.」

Even if you told me that, it wasn’t so easy for my brain to immediately forget about it, and I didn’t have a skill that erased memories either.

For now, I urged Yoru to take the other women to the surface.

Yoru nodded, expressing that he understood, and ran up the stairs.

I sat down in front of Amaryllis, who was relieved.

The light from the torch illuminated Amaryllis’s face, which was pale and couldn’t be said to be looking too good.

I see, she was not on the same level as Amelia and Latisneil, but she had well-proportioned features.

Maa, a natural beauty becoming this haggard was not something you’d want to see either.

「Don’t misunderstand. I didn’t do that because you said so.」

I could see that they were at their limit, both physically and mentally, so I sent them up first.

I told them to stay here if they don’t believe just now, but I didn’t actually intend on leaving them behind.

Of course, I planned on helping Amaryllis as well.

「…what is the meaning of this. If you’re a messenger for the elven princess and the princess of Uruk, then that means that Gram’s crimes had been exposed to the world. As well as what the drugs that I created brought about. If that weren’t the case, it would be impossible for anyone to be able to come here.」

It seems that she knew that they had been hidden away.

She looked at me with a suspicious look on her face.

I shrugged my shoulders and confessed.

「To say that I’m Amelia and Ria’s messenger, that’s not technically correct. That was a lie to calm the elves and the beastmen. I just made a promise.」

「A, promise?」

This time, she tilted her head, as if curious.

It seems that she was the type who had all her thoughts shown on her face.

I answered the puzzled Amaryllis. 

「Rescuing, rescuing you guys. The elven men asked to come save you. …it seems that I am bad with things like promises.」

However, maa, even if it wasn’t for the elves’ request, I would’ve saved them. 

I just wanted to help, the beastmen and Amaryllis who weren’t included in the promise.

Amaryllis closing herself off like that was similar to when I met Amelia, and it was my loss.

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