AS Chapter 37~Dragon 2~

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There are three parts to this, here’s the second. I hope you enjoy.

Stabbing at the dragon’s throat with ‘Yatonokami’, I had a bit of an uncomfortable feeling.

「!!! Akira! Get away from there!!!」



Amelia’s warning was too late, I received a direct hit from the dragon at point-blank range.

And with terrifying power, I was blown away, as if I was dust.


Screaming, Amelia’s voice could be heard from far away.

And, my back hurt so much.

Most likely, I crashed into the wall of the boss room due to the impact of the dragon’s fall and the attack.

The good thing was, ‘Yatonokami’, which was grasped in my right hand, was without a single scratch, shining darkly as if I had just drawn it out.

There was something on the sword blade that looked like it was dragon blood.

Just as I got up, Amelia rushed over.

「Akira, are you ok?」

「Aah, somehow. …even though I slit its throats, isn’t it just fine.」

「Even among monsters, dragons are superior. To the point where the Minotaur and Chimera that Akira fought could not be compared to it.」

As Amelia said that, she touched me all over, checking to see if there were any places that were severely injured.

I looked at the dragon who had come down and was glaring at us.

The golden pair of eyes were glittering within the darkness.

「I used all my strength in the attack though.」

「It not flying even when I unleashed the gravitational magic, doesn’t mean that Akira’s attack was ineffective as well. …or rather, I’m surprised at the sharpness of that katana.」

Amelia looked at my right hand.

I lifted ‘Yatonokami’ up a little.

Because I have never fought another dragon before, I can’t make a comparison, but unexpectedly, the blade seemed to easily penetrate the scales.

「Maa, that’s because this guy’s custom-made.」

Commander Saran’s smile when he gave me this came to mind.

I don’t know since I’ve never fought a dragon before, but if it’s the katana that the first hero forged, it would not be strange.

「Amelia is not injured?」

「I’m fine. Akira protected me.」

「Ah–…. I don’t remember.」

The fact that I didn’t remember, was I unconscious.

In any case, it was good that Amelia wasn’t injured.

The me just now, nice one.

「For now, what should we do about that guy.」

「…that dragon, is a bit strange.」


「For a dragon, it’s too weak. No matter how much Akira trained, a few days of training wouldn’t make a difference. Even so, the attacks easily went through.」

Certainly, it felt a bit disappointing for a dragon.

I was struck with admiration at its toughness when it didn’t die even when I slit its throat, but for a monster of high order, it was unsatisfying.

Even on the status that was being displayed in my line of vision, it could clearly be seen that it was a dragon, but I was not able to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.

「…should I try to go and do something.」

「What are you going to do?」

「No, I’m going to try and trick it into revealing something.」


I nodded at Amelia who tilted her head in confusion, and broke into a run.


As if trying to prevent me from getting closer, the long distance attacks that had stopped just now, had resumed.

Not minding the injuries on my right leg and back, I continued dodging those attacks, and finally arrived at the enormous dragon’s feet.

Even a dragon, wouldn’t use attacks that may injure itself.

The dragon raised its foot, and brought it down as if to crush me.

Just barely dodging that, I ran up its body, going up from the leg that it swung down.


Because I stabbed the katana into the slippery black scales in order to climb up, the dragon acted violently due to the pain.


「『Gravitational Magic』!!!」

When I was about to be thrown off, Amelia uses gravitational magic to stop the dragon’s movements.

The enormous dragon sunk into the ground a little.

The dragon had fallen, but was it out of stubbornness, it endured it and immediately tried to throw me off.

Even though it should’ve been put under unimaginable G, the fact that it could move despite that, as expected, was it a dragon?

TN: the ‘G’ here could stand for gravity or the gravitational constant in Newton’s law. It’s most likely the latter

However, I could not believe that this dragon was a dragon.

「Well then, it’s checkmate.」

Climbing up into its head, I used the katana that I gripped in my right hand to deeply pierce its golden eye.


The dragon raised its voice as if to scream, and shook its body with such force that it couldn’t be compared to just now.

I put my entire body weight onto my katana, and pushed it in deeper and deeper.

「…!!! …shadow magic.」

The shadow, spilled out from the sword blade.

It enveloped the boss room that was bigger than usual, and swallowed up the dragon.

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51 thoughts on “AS Chapter 37~Dragon 2~

  1. I think I can help. I am doing UK A Level Physics.

    The G used in this would be for the force of gravity. 1 is the number of times that Earth’s gravity is multiplied. Otherwise known as how fast you accelerrate toward the centre of the planet. So Earth’s gravity is taken as 1 and all other planets are modelled around this.

    Newton’s gravitational constant is 6.67×10^-11. This is only used for measuring gravitation potential of planets or other massive solar bodies. So it is not for this context.

    The equation for this is

    Just incase you want to know…..

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  2. maybe i got it wrong, but at the beginning of the series, didnt Akira say he was an assassin on earth before the summoning? or am i confusing the fact that he became an assassin simply because he was stealthy on earth but not an actual assassin? if the former is true, i dont understand this shift from the author of makin Akira into a guy who worked part time jobs to support his family. at first when this pt cane out i thought Akira was simply referring to his assassin job as pt. the other reason why i’m inclined to think the firmer is because he was contemplating killing the king shortly after arriving in the world. can some explain? did i miss something like an AN where he mentions a character change?

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    1. He wasn’t an assassin in Japan, just someone whose presence was a lot like air. That and the fact that his appearance was not the most attractive. Because he usually goes unnoticed, that’s is why his job became an assassin when he was summoned. Another thing is that while he did think of killing the king in the beginning, he did not go through with it either, because that would’ve been his first time killing another human being. If he was an assassin in Japan, there would’ve been no hesitation at all as that wouldn’t have been his first time, but that was not the case. I hope this clears up any confusion.


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